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Machine-Learning Music Startup Mogees Raises £850k in Seed

London-based Mogees, the startup behind the smart microphone that uses machine learning to transform any vibration into original music, has raised £850,000 ($1.1 million) in seed funding from a group of investors including former Iglo Group CEO Elio Leoni Sceti, and Hotels4U founder Haim Perry.

Mogees is planning to use the fresh injection of cash to roll out its “gestural recognition” technology across a new range of products and applications, as the company prepares to enter the IoT, gaming and VR space with novel hardware and software.

According to TechCrunch, the new device would be a chip version of the Mogees microphone— a tiny gizmo that which transforms vibration into melodies, turning any surface into a musical instrument— which could be embedded in third party products.

“What I think is great about our technology is that it is non-intrusive, incredibly sensitive and works well with pretty much any physical object an shape,” founder Bruno Zamborlin said.

“We are now looking for further investors and partners interested in improving their products through machine learning. Clearly this news reflects our confidence that Mogees technology has applications beyond music and interactive entertainment with many obvious uses and benefits across a wide range of sectors”.

Backing the round, besides Leoni Sceti and Perry, were also Eric Nicoli (formerly on HMV Group), and the A.I. Music Group.

Image via Facebook/Mogees



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