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Mayor backs London’s tech entrepreneurs to tackle capital’s key challenges

Fourteen tech start-ups have been shortlisted as part of the Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Challenge to develop innovative solutions to tackle the capital’s most pressing social and environmental issues.

The initiative was launched in June as part of London’s smart city initiative, and it will eventually award seven of these start-ups a grant of £15,000 to develop their ideas together with corporate partners.

Among others, Sadiq Khan has brought together delivery partner Bethnal Green Ventures – including Transport for London, National Grid, Shell, Lloyds Banking Group, the London boroughs of Hackney and Ealing, and a group of London NHS trusts.

The seven challenges, as listed in the Mayor of London website, are the following, together with the start-ups shortlisted so far:

The Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Challenge

Dementia Virtue and Pearl Support Network
Active travel T-Kartor Content Management and Go Jauntly
Electric vehicles Spark EV Technology and Connected Kerb
Affordable housing Vu.City and Crossmap
Financial inclusion Quids In! and FairQuid
Loneliness and isolation Buddyhub and Singa
Physical activity Elemental and Imin

Back in June, Khan said he organised the Challenge in order to expand the power of tech and data from start-ups to make London “the world’s smartest city”.

“London’s tech community boasts some of the most dynamic and creative businesses and entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

“City Hall wants to bring that expertise, energy and vision to bear on some of the challenges our city faces – using technology for good, to help tackle problems like air pollution, loneliness, financial exclusion and access to affordable housing.

“I’m looking forward to seeing these exciting ideas develop as our innovators work towards making Londoners’ lives better.”


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