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Microsoft renews start-up support at Shanghai Innovation Day

Building 92 at Microsoft Corporation headquarters in Washington. Credit: Coolcaesar 

Microsoft has revealed its commitment and strategy to increase the growth of China’s startup ecosystem at the Microsoft for Startups Shanghai Innovation Day event today.

The tech giant announced it will expand its Microsoft for Startups programme in China to optimise the startup development process by providing additional access to Microsoft resources and technologies.

Thanks to this, the company said, more startups, developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) will be empowered to achieve more.

“The mission of Microsoft for Startups is to empower innovators at every stage of their growth to achieve more,” said James Turnbull, CTO of Microsoft Startup Advocacy.

“We help startups build and integrate with cutting-edge technologies, including Azure and open source technologies, as well as introduce Microsoft Learn, a Microsoft global online learning platform, to startups to allow them to start utilising Microsoft technologies faster. We’re driven by a ‘help first, sell last’ culture”, he added.

Microsoft is also currently supporting startups in China via the ScaleUp accelerator programs in Beijing and Shanghai, providing funding for Series A companies.

During the event today, the firm confirmed that moving forward, startups may also enter the Microsoft for Startups initiative at later stages.

“Microsoft for Startups serves as an important link between Microsoft and the global startup innovation ecosystem,” said James Chou, Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups, North Asia Region, “this year, we are focused on forging comprehensive and in-depth partnerships with governments, VCs, industry-leading companies and technology communities.

“We see more and more ecosystem partners pledge to work closely with us to build a stronger ecosystem of innovation together”, Chou added. “Our next step will be to land our best practices across the nation to encourage more China startups to take advantage of our programs and resources.”


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