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New York State creates commission to study impact of automation on workforce

A new state commission has been established in New York, US to track how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will affect the private sector and employment figures in the near future.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by NY governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed legislation to create the temporary commission.

The new group will be in charge of organising meetings with academia and government representatives, as well as business leaders, with the goal of submitting a final report by the end of 2020.

The news comes amidst alarming figures predicting that by 2037, more than half jobs in New York might be taken over by automation.

“Technology is replacing jobs, but at the same time, it’s creating new opportunities,” said Assemblyman Clyde Vanel who sponsored the legislation behind the commission. “We should be looking at, how can we take advantage of what new opportunities there are?”

Vanel explained that, in order to prepare people for a job market characterised by substantial increase automation, it is important to train them accordingly.

“How should we prepare the next generation of the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow?” he asked.

According to the Democrat Assemblyman, the commission will work towards answering questions like this.

It will consist of thirteen members, chosen as follows:

  • Five will be appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
  • Two each by the state Senate and Assembly majority leaders
  • One each by the state Senate and Assembly minority leaders
  • One each by the SUNY chancellor and the CUNY chancellor

“Artificial intelligence and automation are already having a profound impact across many industries and their influence keeps growing, so it’s critical that we do everything in our power to understand their capabilities and potential pitfalls,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“This new commission will look closely at how these rapidly evolving technologies are functioning and report back on how we can optimize use to benefit New Yorkers and our economy.” 

Image via PXhere and Pixabay.


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