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NexOptic updates its suite of AI-powered tools

Optical technologies company NexOptic has just revealed a significant upgrade of its suite of artificial intelligence (AI) products.

The company’s Advanced Low Light Imaging Solution (“ALLIS”) software focuses on reducing image noise problematics of camera systems.

ALLIS’s noise reduction capabilities are able to provide real-time correction of images or video taken in non-optimal lighting conditions.

The software also allows for media files to be streamed or stored more efficiently and to improve downstream applications, such as computational photography and facial recognition.

NexOptic claims that, since its inception in May 2019, ALLIS’ efficiency has been drastically improved.

Particularly, the company said that the software has achieved a more than 200% reduction to its prior computational requirements, an approximate 100 times reduction to its file size and a significant increase in the number of ALLIS-enabled image sensors.

Because of these updates, NexOptic explained in a press release, ALLIS can now be deployed into smaller imaging devices such as smartphones, tablets, and security cameras, while retaining its noise-reducing capabilities.

The company also said that in order to gain a major foothold in the optics industry NexOptic should integrate and distribute ALLIS through semiconductor sales.

“ALLIS’s increased efficiencies have allowed us to become highly selective in whose semiconductors we will be supporting going forward,” said Rich Geruson, Chairman of NexOptic. “These options should enable NexOptic to receive better industry-wide acceptance of ALLIS.”

NexOptic’s AI team is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is headed by its VP of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Kevin Gordon.

Commenting on the news, Gordon said: “I’m excited about the impressive solutions that NexOptic’s team can now offer to the entire optics industry.”

“Edmonton has become a burgeoning and influential global AI hub, which is why we’ve been able to assemble such a strong team, and we look forward to growing our team and our suite of NexOptic products.”

Image via Freepik on Flaticon.


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