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Oxford AI company Diffblue Closes $22M Series A Round

Oxford University spin-off company Diffblue has raised $22 million  (£16.9 million) in a Series A round led by Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments and backed by Oxford Sciences Innovations  and Oxford Technology and Innovations Fund.

Founded in 2016, the company has developed  AI that is able to automate computer programming: according to the company’s description, the system can analyse code and perform “bug fixing, test writing, finding and fixing exploits, refactoring code, translating from one language to another, and creating original code to fit specifications.”

Diffblue’s product is already available for Java and C, while the Python, C# and Javascript versions are currently under development.

Diffblue founder and CEO—and Oxford’s computer science professor—Daniel Kroening commented on the fresh round of funding in a statement. ““Software is becoming increasingly complex, interdependent and vulnerable and it’s unrealistic to believe that humans can guarantee its safety and security,”he said.

“We believe that the suite of tools we are developing at Diffblue has immense potential to help address these issues. Studies show that coders spend up to 30% of their time writing tests. Automation will provide great returns both in terms of achieving much broader test coverage, and also freeing up significant developer time.”

Backer Oxford Sciences Innovations’ principal Lilly Bussmann also commented on the round: “We’re proud to be supporting one of Europe’s most exciting tech startups,” she said.

“In a world that’s increasingly run by software, Diffblue’s mission of equipping developers and organisations with the next generation AI-powered dev tools is a very worthwhile one, both in terms of its economic and social impact.”

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