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Pittsburgh airport uses AI to help inform travellers

Pittsburgh International Airport announced it will deploy artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide passengers with more accurate wait times information.

The technology will be provided by the airport through a partnership with Zensors, a Pittsburgh-based company applying AI to feeds from airport security cameras to estimate minute-by-minute wait times at the airport’s three Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints.

The information will be processed and then sent to the airport’s Landside Terminals as well the airport’s website, together with predictions on increasing or decreasing wait times.

Predictions will be based on factors such as passenger volume, time of day and TSA staffing levels.

“We know security can be a frustration for travellers and having accurate wait estimates can help set expectations and aid in planning trips,” said Christina Cassotis, CEO at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The airport is the first in the US to employ the technology by Zensors. Commenting on the news, the company said passengers will soon be able to monitor wait times at the alternate checkpoint as well since the cameras are currently being installed.

“Airports are a perfect use case for this type of technology”, said Anuraag Jain, head of product at Zensors. “We’re applying deep learning in a way that can really become a game-changer for passengers and airport operations.”

“We’re excited to help turn Pittsburgh into the world’s smartest airport”, Jain concluded.

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