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Startup-maker EF Launches Berlin Office


EF founders Alice Bentinck and Matthew Cliffor

Entrepreneur First ( EF ), the British incubator that has made a name for itself by building tech startups from scratch, is planning to open a Berlin office as a part of its international expansion.

The organisation, founded in 2011 by  Alice Bentinck and Matthew Clifford, creates companies by selecting individuals with a promising background and encouraging them to team up and found a business.

Notable alumni include now Twitter-owned machine learning company Magic Pony, computer vision startup Tractable, and SHACK15 resident Sparrho.

London-based EF had already started exporting its model abroad, with the launch of a Singapore section in 2016. Now the outfit is setting up shop in Europe’s technical powerhouse— Germany. Its first Berliner programme is set to debut in April 2018.

Berlin’s incubator programme will  last for just three months, compared to the six months of London- and Singapore-based cohorts.

That reflects a shift in focus on EF’s part: whereas, in London, the second three months are devoted to help newborn businesses attract financial backing and support their development, the Berlin edition will be laser-focused on EF’s main intuition, i.e. allowing talented individuals to find a cofounder and create a business.

Berlin-spawned ventures will, nonetheless, still be allowed to take part in EF’s Demo Day in London and piggyback on the organisation’s network of investors and tech entrepreneurs.

This skeleton version of the programme could be key to enable EF to scale across Europe and the world: an explicit plan the incubator set for itself after securing a £9 million investment from a number of Silicon Valley and British biggies, led by Greylock Partners, in September 2017.

That cash injection was intended to help EF scale. As TechCrunch reported at the time, Greylock’s Reid Hoffman envisioned EF taking over “20 or 30 or 40 cities, maybe even 50”, rising to the status of global company-builder.

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