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This Startup Uses AI to Get you Pregnant

Can you get pregnant using Artificial Intelligence ? One American startup  is trying to make it so.

Mira Care, which SHACK15 News met up at CES 2018, has designed a gadget that harnesses machine learning to track  hormone levels, and suggest how likely a user is to conceive a baby at a given time.

Users just need to  pee on a test stick and insert it in the device; then, Mira’s algorithm will blend data from the sample with information about each user’s fitness and life habits in order to calculate a fertility score, which will be shown on a mobile app.


Mira Fertility Product Shot #1

Mira’s AI-powered device and its linked app showing a user’s fertility score (via Mira Care)

“One difference with any other menstrual cycle tracker is personalization,” company CEO Zheng Yang said.”It gives women very precise and personalized fertility information on when they need to try to conceive, and information about their hormone levels and their menstrual cycle.”

China-born Yang, who earned a PhD in Physics and for ten years has tried to apply mathematical and physical models to biomedical problems, also underlined that the tool and the algorithm have been tested in official clinical trials— over 200 cases in total— which have pegged Mira’s has a 99 percent accuracy at predicting one person’s chances of conceiving a baby.

Yang said that the device—which has been approved by US medical authority FDA—is going to be launched on the US market in the second quarter of 2018 (and in Europe shortly after).

He added that Mira is going to be followed by a string of similar AI-fuelled home diagnostic gadgets.

“We are working on a product line that focuses on several diseases: like infectious diseases, chronic diseases, kidney function,”he told SHACK15 News.”We’re going to design a series of products using our technology.”


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