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Swiggy acquires Bengaluru-based AI startup

Online food ordering and delivery service Swiggy has acqui-hired, a start-up which specialises in applying deep learning and computer vision for object recognition in videos, the company revealed on Monday.

The acquisition, which amount has not been disclosed, will aim for Swiggy to increase their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. Specifically,  The Bengaluru-based AI start-up will look at ways to improve discovery for consumers and enable faster more efficient deliveries.

“The team at comes with an exceptional understanding and expertise in AI, machine learning and data sciences,” said Dale Vaz, Head of Engineering and Data Sciences at Swiggy,” this acqui-hire is part of Swiggy’s strategy to scale our tech prowess by bringing in entrepreneurial teams that can solve unique customer problems.”

Following the acquisition, founding members Pavithra Solai Jawahar and Jagannathan Veeraraghavan will become part of the Swiggy team.

“We are extremely excited to be a part of the Swiggy family,” said Jawahar, “AI research has leapfrogged this past year but lack of data, cultural biases, inability to adapt to our diversity, has somehow always pulled us back when it comes to applying AI to India-based problems, effectively.

“This is where Swiggy left us stumped. We were impressed by the team’s razor-focussed mindset to bring ingenious solutions for problems unique to India.” He added.

This marks Swiggy’s third acquisition so far, It comes after the company acquired on-demand delivery start-up Scootsy for Rs 50 crore last year and gourmet food start-up 48East in December 2017.

Image via Pixabay.


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