Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million

Google Alphabet Inc’s drone delivery business Wing will launch its first European delivery service in Finland in the spring of 2019, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. Before Finland, Wing has run four separate trials over 18 months covering some 55,000 journeys in Australia (and 60,000 overall), delivering different things, including medicine and […]

New planned regulation might require British drone users to take safety awareness tests in order to fly unmanned vehicles over 250 grams of weight. Drones over 250g—i.e. most professional and recreational drones, apart from the cheapest toy versions—might also be banned altogether from flying near airports or above 121 metres (400 ft) of altitude, with the aim of avoiding collisions with […]

The public is not ready to board on self-flying airplanes, a survey by bank UBS revealed. It is widely believed that pilotless planes would be cheaper —some estimates project they would save airlines over $30 billion (£23 bln) a year in fuel, salaries and training— and recent technological advances could make them a reality sooner than expected. […]

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