Data Science Investment Counter —Funding raised by UK data science companies in 2018.
£ 5.640 Million
machine learning

Startup, which claims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to build apps, would be using human engineers instead, a report by the Wall Street Journal alleged on Wednesday. The startup’s website claims that its “Human-assisted AI” technique is capable of building apps for customers in a few clicks. However, the Wall Street Journal spoke with several former […]

Amsterdam-based blockchain company Bitfury has just launched its artificial intelligence (AI) division, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The company said the new division will use Bitfury’s existing hardware and software technologies to build integrated product solutions, as well as cloud-to-edge enterprise solutions for corporations and governments. Talking to Reuters, the firm’s co-founder and CEO Valery Vavilov […]

Machines should understand motive the way humans do, and not just perform tasks blindly, a new study claimed. The article by the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR), based at the University of Birmingham, is based on research by lead author Dr Valerio Ortenzi. In the paper, which was published in Nature Machine Intelligence last week, Ortenzi […]

The global artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare market is expected to reach $27.6 billion by 2025 with a 43.5% growth from 2018, a report by Meticulous Research revealed. The report analyses various applications of the technology, from patient data and risk analytics to medical imaging and diagnosis, drug discovery, precision medicine, hospital workflow management, […]

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more advanced, Australia needs to be prepared for the incoming change, a new report from the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) has warned today. The document, which was commissioned by chief scientist Alen Finkel, urged the Government to create a national strategy – like the one released by the […]


A new state commission has been established in New York, US to track how artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will affect the private sector and employment figures in the near future. The announcement was made on Wednesday by NY governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed legislation to create the temporary commission. The new group will be […]

Hong Kong start-up C&R Wise AI is helping railway operators and universities to manage their crowds better, the South China Morning Post reported on Saturday. The company’s EdgeAI system, which is known for recently being used to count the number of street protesters in the city, works through algorithms running on an industrial computer to […]

Venture capital firm IQ Capital has raised more than $300 million to invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning start-ups, the company reported on Monday. According to the Cambridge-based firm, $125 million of this sum would come from their ‘Growth Opportunities Fund’, while the remaining $175 million would be part of a fund focusing on […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data company Lixar has won the Microsoft AI Innovation Award for using the power of machine learning and AI “to derive insights to help their customers optimise operations, drive innovation, and deliver real value.” The announcement was made on Sunday at the Microsoft Inspire event in Las Vegas, the largest gathering […]

Researchers at Penn State and Columbia University have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool able to detect discrimination based on race or gender. The researchers trained the algorithm using various types of data. In regards to gender discrimination, they used data from the US Census Bureau to determine whether men were receiving higher salaries […]

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