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UK and France Launch Agreement on AI

Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the UK may not have stopped Brexit, but it certainly strengthened Franco-British collaboration in the momentous field of Artificial Intelligence.

Following the UK-France summit at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, the two countries have agreed to move towards stronger integration in the the digital sector.

An immediate result of the deal is a technology conference, scheduled for later this year, in which AI experts from France and Britain will share their insights.

Besides, as part of the agreement, the two countries are going to share knowledge about  data, cybersecurity, and digital government and skills.

Britain’s Digital, culture, media and sport Secretary Matt Hancock, announcing the accord, said in a statement: “The UK and France are strengthening ties in technology and innovation.”

“I’m looking forward to leading a cutting-edge digital conference this year, which will see our world-leading experts in cybersecurity, digital skills, artificial intelligence, data and digital government share their talent and knowledge. Both countries benefit when our digital economies are strong and the event will deepen our bonds and foster cross-Channel collaboration between those at the forefront of modern technology.”

Julian David, the CEO of UK technology industry trade association techUK, also commented on the announcement.“This event is a significant step towards greater collaboration between the British and French tech sectors. Both countries share similar opportunities and challenges as we build our leading digital economies through technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and cybersecurity.”

France and UK’s collaboration on AI is not an entirely new development. Earlier this week, London’s Imperial College and the French National Centre for Scientific Research launched the Anglo-French— a programme to enhance relations in academic subjects related to AI.

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