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UK Government names members of AI Council

The UK government has named experts from industry, academia and data rights organisations to create a new advisory board for artificial intelligence (AI) regulations, a press release on the Gov.UK site revealed today.

Ocado and Google DeepMind executives are among the experts appointed to the new board, which will promote AI adoption and ethical use in organisations and businesses around the country.

The news comes after the UK Government said they would invest £3m for AI projects aimed at boosting productivity in financial and legal services last year.

“Britain is already a leading authority in AI”, said Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright. “We are home to some of the world’s finest academic institutions, landing record levels of investment to the sector and attracting the best global tech talent, but we must not be complacent.”

“Through our AI Council,” he added, “we will continue this momentum by leveraging the knowledge of experts from a range of sectors to provide leadership on the best use and adoption of artificial intelligence across the economy.”

The Council will be chaired by Tabitha Goldstaub, the co-founder of CognitionX, an online platform that provides companies with business-related AI information and access to experts. 

“I’m thrilled the AI Council membership has been announced, convening a brilliant mix of experts who have agreed to offer their time, experience and insight to support the growth and responsible adoption of AI in the UK”, she said, commenting on the news.

Goldstaub also stretched the importance of collaborations of different sectors for the AI industry to succeed.

“If we are to grasp the full benefits of AI technologies it is vital all of the AI community comes together and works with the AI Council to create an open dialogue between industry, academia and the public sector, so we can see social and economic benefits for all of society”, she concluded.

Image via Tabble and Goodfreephotos.


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