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UK startup partners with IBM for AI-powered assisted living solution

UK care management startup Karantis360 has joined forces with IBM to help build a new solution that uses sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable people who need assistance to live more independently in their own homes.

Together, the companies have developed an Internet of Things (IoT) approach that will collect data about the movements and day-to-day activities of people in care. The system will use IBM Watson analytics and machine learning capabilities to identify and learn an individual’s typical behaviour.

The data will be monitored using a mobile app installed on caregivers and family members’ smartphones. In case of changes in normal daily routine which could point to a potential problem, the app will send alerts to the registered smartphones.

The system also aims to offer service providers insights to help improve care and treatment plans.

“By working with IBM, we have been able to develop a digital solution that could completely revolutionise the way we care for our loved ones, reducing the burden of care and helping vulnerable and older people to live in their own homes for longer,” said Nick Hampson, Managing Director of Karantis360.

“With IBM’s cloud technologies, AI capabilities and innovation ecosystem, we’ve gone from concept to service delivery, to our first clients in under 12 months,” Hampson said. “It’s been an incredible journey”.

In light of privacy concerns, Karantis360 also reassured their AI-powered solutions will be deployed exclusively with the consent and privacy of people in care and their loved ones.

According to data from the Carers Trust, over nine million people in the UK are caring for their loved ones and over half of those feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility.

Care Response, a UK domiciliary care provider in southern England, has recently implemented Karantis360 AI-powered solutions. Commenting on this, Quality Assurance Manager Paula Eagle at Care Response said: “Transparency, support and rapid intervention are essential for providing more independence and safety for people in care.

“With the Karantis360 Assisted Living system, people and their Careworkers can have peace of mind that if things go wrong help can be quickly at hand.”

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