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UK to Launch ‘Machine Intelligence Garage’ for AI Startups

Britain’s Digital Catapult has announced the creation of a a “Machine Intelligence Garage” providing  Artificial Intelligence and machine learning startups access to computing power and specific expertise.

The government-backed innovation-boosting organisation revealed the new programme on Thursday, explaining that the garage will be kick-started on 23 January 2018, and run for a period of three years.

The initiative will allow budding AI companies to get the resources they need to build their product.

“Access to computation power is amongst the significant barriers to innovation around machine learning and AI,” Wendy Hall, University of Southampton professor and co-author of’ “Growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK” review said in a statement to Business Insider. 

Machine learning is an AI technique to build systems able to make predictions or recognise patterns by sifting through vast troves of data.

Still, analysing that data takes some serious computing power, which in turn takes some serious money. Digital Catapult said in a statement that a single training instance for a machine learning system can require a company to pony up more than £10,000.

That is why Digital Catapult’s new initiative will make it possible for companies to utilise computing resources offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform, Nvidia, Graphcore, STFC Hartree Centre, EPCC, Newcastle University, the Alan Turing Institute, Bart’s Health Trust and Capital Enterprise.

Startups can already apply to enter the Garage, and new applications will be accepted every six weeks. Each tranche will be made up of at least five companies.

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