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Uptake wins a New Energy Pioneer award at Bloomberg NEF

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things software provider Uptake was named today as a 2019 New Energy Pioneer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (NEF).

The award was given to the company in acknowledgement of its ground-breaking discoveries in technologies fuelling the transition to a lower carbon economy and bringing new ideas for business models.

“I’m proud of the entire Uptake team and our commitment to our energy, transportation and industrial customers who use our artificial intelligence platform and applications in the field every day,” said Brad Keywell, Uptake’s CEO.

“Our goal is to delight customers with impactful outcomes, and each new customer offers further proof of our belief that AI and data science should power operational decisions in major industries. Our market leadership has been fortified by our independence from any singular OEM.

“Further, the impact of our delivered outcomes has been magnified through our ownership of the world’s most comprehensive dataset of equipment failure patterns. Through the Uptake lens, industry productivity looks even better.”

Industrial machines are today generating an ever-increasing amount of data. Because of this, companies are gradually looking for ways of optimising these data sets. And AI is particularly well-suited to perform these tasks, turning machine data into insights, predictions and recommendations.

With insights, people can improve all aspects of industrial performance, make better-informed decisions that impact both top-line and bottom-line financials and help optimise the overall business.

Specifically, Uptake’s APM software improves productivity and efficiency by leveraging AI to create business value from operational data. A press release by the company today mentioned how traditional asset management only covers routine maintenance tasks and fails to anticipate and adjust to the ways industry operates its business.

Today’s asset-intensive environments, on the other hand, require a new approach with industrial data science generating OEM-agnostic insights, predictions and recommendations for any asset.

You can read more about Uptake here and about Bloomberg NEF here.

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